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Reunion Auto-Cross Sunday

Auto-Cross Awards
Mike Hearn   56.10  Rich Alvano     58.63 
Ryan Cloud   57.53 Chris Hadden   63.67

These guys deserve honorable mention for their trips around the track.

Ted Schafer 64.74
Rich Mora 67.30
Don Bishop 62.44
Greme Daniel  (Lightning)  64.23
Thurman Wilson  (Saleen) 65.51
SVOCA Board of Directors  
Gary Alsobrooks 59.51
Bud Morton  56.88
Paul Becker 61.82
Ty Burgin 59.23
Mike Ray 65.51
*SVOCA Directors were not eligible for awards

We had a nicely setup track for the auto-cross that was very fast.  We got a lot of good pics of everyone cutting the cones.  We just couldn't decide which cars to put up, so we put them all up!  These are all action shots, who says you cant make a SVO lean!

I don't recall a SVO wiping out on the track, but I can't say that for the Volvo!

Normally we like to take this time to poke fun at our auto-cross drivers, but everyone did such a great job of holding their cars between the cones, I just can't do it.

Ted Schafer's 86 Gary Alsobrook's 84

Chris Hadden's 86 Mike Ray's 84

Don Bishop's 85.5 Bud Morton's 85

Ryan Cloud's 86 Ty Burgin's 84

Mark and Bill Hatfield's 86  Mark and Bill Hatfield's 86
Driven By Rich Alvino Driven By Rich Mora

Mike Hearn's 85.5 Paul Becker's 86

Greme Daniel's Lightning Thurman Wilson's Saleen
The pictures Everyone has wanted to see!!

Reason # 642 on why you should drive a SVO Tires smoking?
The PA blares out: "your mom called, she asked where the bread and milk are"
I would like to take this time to give a few pointers on Auto-X driving. 
  •  Normally, you should use a 4-pt harness, or similar.  If nothing else is available, stick your arm out the window, and hold on to the window frame (as illustrated above left).

  • If your auto-cross ride is too harsh, you can always install softer shocks and struts.  Notice how the left front bumper nearly touches the ground, this is a good sign that this driver is not feeling that harsh auto-cross ride.

  • When driving a large heavy automobile in a autocross, it is always best to wait until the last possible second to cut a gate, as shown in the above right.  The smoke from the tires, and sideways position are desirable affects.

  • While on the course, losing hubcaps is a good thing.  The reduced weight really helps lower your time.  Mom may be really pissed, but she will get over it.

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