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Reunion 2002

Reunion 2002 day 1

SVPU hosted a cookout this year at their new Location in Odenville Alabama

You can see, a lot of people found their way to SVPU.  Of course, with the offer of free, food, most SVO guys found it by the smell



Attendance was awesome and all had a great time, with no one leaving hungry, that's for sure!


Ninja boy says yea, "I might make one or 2 runs on the dragstrip" 


Paul cooks a DANG FINE Turkey, his SVO parts work pretty good too


Gator and Ryan Alsobrooks became quite a team. Ryan was Gator's shadow!


There was lots of talking and lots of eating.  I'm not sure if Ty was telling Rich how to install a new head gasket, or how to pull the turkey out of the fryer!


You may have heard the phrase "you couldn't throw a dead cat without hitting a SVO around here"... well now you know where the phrase came from.  Paul had them stacked in his shop!! (there is another SVO to the left of this picture!)


SVOCA Reunion 2002

The cookout The Track The show
The drag strip The awards The "red shirts"




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