SVO Club Of America

Reunion 2002

Swap a clutch in a hurry ??


On your mark, get set, go!


After John toasted a clutch on the dragstrip, Paul at SVPU Donated a used clutch, and his lift to do the swap.  Once the car was up on the lift, and things started coming apart quickly.  Papa John (not the pizza guy) directs from out in front.


Steve says --Hey, Shouldn't this thing be coming out now ?


Here is the culprit, I'm not sure why John didn't want to drive it back to ST. Louis like this MAN!! That is one tight belhousing bolt!  -- 


TA DA!!   Don't worry, Paul has the special BLUE WRENCH!!


With the clutch in place and ready to go, John says up and in! -- If this isn't a Olympic sport yet, it should be!!


And, Just like the NBA stars, Redshirts have their promoted footwear  -- John Basler shows off the preferred footware by 9 out of 10 mechanics when changing a transmission.


John was even gracious enough to clean up when done!! -- Someday he will make someone a good wife :)


All done, Total time -- 1 hour.  If it hadn't been for that sticky bolt on the belhousing, it would have been a easy 45 min swap.


SVOCA Reunion 2002

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