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Reunion 2002

Show & Shine
Reunion 2002 day 2

The weather held out for us most of the day, with only about 1 hour of rain around 2:00
The threat of rain kept a few people away.  The total count of SVO's was 38, and we had 6 Lightnings


There were plenty of SVO's and lightnings to look at.  Can someone tell the lightning guys to bring something other than RED. 

 Thanks to Andy Wenk for breaking up the trend, with his Silver Lightning


Kendall Coker brought out a couple of competition prep SVO's, left is a 84, and right is a 85.5.  He has one comp prep for every year in his extensive collection 


SVPU brought out their version of the patriot racer.  Paul called this the poor mans patriot.  This one was saved from the scrap heap to become a future SVPU race car. Always a crowd favorite, the REAL Patriot Racer, owned by none other than Bill,  and (Miata) Mark Hatfield (4529)


The Lightning guys even brought trucks in their trucks  But the SVO guys brought SVO's in their SVO's too .. who says theres no cargo room in a SVO


Ralph Kingrey brought out his 86 (with 84-5 style headlights)  This serves as one of his race cars  Bill and Lynn Luvin brought out their beautiful 86 2R


Reid from Turbo Specialties scratches his head when Graeme asks can I run  a supercharger and a turbo? Rich Alvino Pulled out his huge parasol, for some reason, John Bacon didn't stand next to him very long after that.


SVOCA Reunion 2002

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