SVO Club Of America

Reunion 2002

Night 1

Here are a few shots from the strip

The patriot made a few passes at the dragstrip


Earl Dunagan made a several passes in his 10K mile 86 SVO


Andy Wenk's Lightning and Jon Hubber's 79 turbo Mustang line up.  Jon is always a crowd favorite, but had problems early in the night.


Roger Keliber (aka Ninja Boy) lines up with a unsuspecting 5.0.  We're not sure how many runs Ninja boy made, but we are sure he got his money's worth.


This was the SVOCA Board of directors grudge match, with Eric Courtwright in the near lane, and Paul becker in the far.  The pic is a little blury, but it looks like Eric is pulling ahead of Paul 


SVOCA Reunion 2002

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