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Reunion 2002

Track day
Reunion 2002 day 3

Track day is always a blast.  We seem to get more people hooked on track events every year.  

As with every year, we always have a few people with mechanical problems.  Rich Alvino had a exhaust leak problem that almost caught his car on fire.  Greg Stien blew a head gasket, Eric Courtwright almost locked up a rear brake caliper.  Not too bad all things considered


Everyone was lined up and ready to run after the drivers meeting.


Earl Dunagun didn't hold back on his 10K mile SVO.  A hush fell over the crowd when he spun in the grass, and disappeared from view for a  second, but all was fine.


Bud "I don't spin out" Morton passes Andy Wenk.  We didn't have timers setup, but Bud was running some pretty hot laps.  There was a rumored picture of Bud in the infield with grass flying in the air, but it mysteriously disappeared.  I think the photographer was bribed!!


Graeme Dainel, and Ben Marinez had quite a bit of fun.  Ben found out what cooked brake fluid looks like J


Andy gets the green flag, and lays into it in the straight!


The Lightnings had fun on the track too.  Here they are lined up in the hot pits getting ready for their run.


Chris Hadden and Ryan Cloud come out of the last turn.  Ryan came out of this turn sideways nearly every time!


Gator had the clown car blasting around the track.  Amazingly, Gator kept all 4 wheels on the pavement!!


Paul somehow managed to spring a coolant leak.  Luckily, he brought the trailer to take his car home.  Almost like it was planned ??


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