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SVO Club Of America Reunion 2005

Sunday, October 2nd, 2005

The Auto-cross competition was fierce this year. 
The north vs south rivalry added some incentive.


Auto-cross Times
Rich Alvino 31.954
Chris Hadden 32.457
Gator Paruleski 32.732
Eric Courtwright 32.901
Tim Boles 33.184
Ralph Kingrey 33.198
Bruce Richards 33.398
Harry Stevens 33.652
Ty Burgin 33.689
Jim Boles 34.180
Mike Stevens 34.331
James Griffen 34.408
Pat Pearson 34.502
Kerry Brown 34.561
Ted Schaefer 34.743
James Price 34.896
Tod Burkhart 34.974
Joe Turbolski 35.085
Rob Wagner 35.332
Robin Taylor 35.563
Rick Singer 35.657
Alex Lustenberg 36.420
Dave Schmitt 36.494
Perry Mitchel 36.610
Mark Haas 36.879
Barry Rasmussen 38.003
George Comesanas 38.186
Stacey Schmitt 38.544


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SVOCA Reunion 2005 Fast Four
Every year, the SVO Club of America gives away 4 trophies to the top 4 finishers of some event.  This year, the Fast4 awards are for 4 fastest auto-x times
1st Place
Rich Alvino
2nd Place
Chris Hadden
3rd Place
Gator G Gator
4th Place
Eric Courtwright
The SVOCA Reunion 2005 Fast 4


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