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  • Classifieds are for selling/buying - not idle conversation
  • **UPDATE** ANYONE posting 'comments' in a for-sale ad will receive a 7-day ban
  • If you're not asking the Seller a question in reference to BUYING an item(s) ... then use the PM feature.
  • Sellers - please limit you "TTT" replies to once a week.
  • If you need information about SVO's, or need to ask a question, please ask it in the appropriate forum
  • Posts that have a reference to Ebay or another website are only allowed in the eBay/Craigslist section. Any links posted in the regular For Sale section will be deleted.
  • Posts must be SVO specific. If the parts wont fit a SVO, the post will be deleted.
  • Posts for cars that are not Ford 2.3 turbo, or related will be removed.
  • Vendors or businesses may not post ads until they have contacted the Board of Directors.
  • If you are parting a SVO, read this thread .
  • If you Threaten to part out a SVO, your ad will be deleted, and you will be banned (IE: If It don't sell in a week, I'm going to part it)
  • If someone posts a car for sale, and you ask them to sell parts off it, 1st time a vicious warning - 2nd offense: BANNED.
  • All parts posted must have a price listed, or the ad will be deleted
  • Do not post cars for sale you find elsewhere If you aren't the person selling the car, post it in the lounge
  • You are more than welcome to use our classifieds free of charge, but if you begin to make this place your own personal flea market, you will be notified of how to correct the situation, and asked to leave if you don't.
  • Anyone posting bogus, or flame adds will be banned from the entire site, no exceptions
  • The SVOCA can not be held responsible for transactions that take place here. We only provide this free area to help get buyers and sellers together.
  • If you have questions about these rules, please email the SVOCA Board of Directors do not start a thread!