View Full Version : Rough Idle

04-20-2004, 04:26 AM
i had just installed my 8.8 rear w/3.73 gears and all svo hardware to the svo and had test drove it, car ran fine for at least 20mins idled perfect and boost would come on strong. then i went on the freeway and was playing with the boost and was in 4th going about 4k trying to keep boost at 13-15psi then sudden power drop and the car started to idle rough from 1000 rpm to 200 rpm and back and forth till it dies would fire right back up but would not idle went and checked under hood and the intercooler had blown off the turbo so that explains the power loss but after i put it back on the car would idle like 1000rpm to 400rpm and would try to stay running but would soon die. so i took her around the block again and about half way around the block she would idle perfect brong her home and parked her.idle normal then i turn the motor off and fired her up again and she started to idle weird again? could anybody figure out what is going on?