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04-12-2005, 02:20 PM
After searching the forums and coming up unsatisfied... I hope you can help me out. I will be doing some fluid changes that I didn't do last year (transmission, brakes, differential) and was wondering if anyone can clarify the following:

Transmission - I plan to use Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF... can I just drain and refill?

Brakes - Undecided on fluid, DOT 3? Synthetic? Opinions welcome

Differential -Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Oil 75-90 BUT... on the Mobil 1 website it reads:

Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lube LS 75W-90_contains special friction modifiers designed for limited slip-type differentials._In most applications, the addition of special LS (limited slip) additives is not required._For axles requiring the highest level of limited-slip performance, OEM specific LS additives can be added to this fluid.

I know several of you run friction modifier in Mobil 1... is this neccessary, good/bad etc? Thanks

04-12-2005, 06:16 PM
Thanks for the info and the verbal spanking... I thought it transmitted power from the engine to the rear axle (by way of clutch, flywheel, driveshaft etc)? Maybe it should be called the TRANSMITTER... TRANSMITTOR lol (also in wireless?) Do I have a FWD SVO?:p

I ended up going to chat with my brother-in-law at the LORDCO auto parts nearby where they stock Redline products... I'll likely just go with them instead so I have couple more questions. What specific Redline prodcuts do you use? On the bottle the D4 fluid is specified for a manual gearbox, so is this correct? Do you need to add friction modifier to the gearbox (I didn't think so)? Which specific gear oil? I'll probably get some of the Ford friction modifier (for synthetics) as concensus seems to be it won't hurt anything and why go without?

FYI - ordered some plugs, wires, and PCV today from Ford... the plug PN/# given in the tune up "sticky" was outdated according to my parts guy... he convinced me that the heat range etc. is the same and only the number changed. I'll let you know specifically when I get them tomorrow.

04-12-2005, 09:26 PM
Thanks again - Redline makes a synthetic ATF... AND a synthetic manual gearbox fluid (it isn't the same as gear oil) that is denoted D4... anyone have more experience with Redline products?

04-12-2005, 10:36 PM
I'm running Redline in my gearbox and rearend, have been for 30k miles now and have nothing but good things to say.

Don't use MTL, T5 fluid spec is for ATF so Redline ATF went in. :thumb: Shifts smooth, no grinding, not as stubborn in cold weather.

For the differential housing, look for the bottle with friction modifier added, should say so on the back. That way you don't need to mess with the stinky additives.