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Thread: New B Coming

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    New B Coming

    OK.....I have kind of kicked in and out of here over the past 2 years. I have looked at SVOs and 84 - 86 Turbo Coupes (owned a '84 in the late 80s). I have been wanting another one of these Ford Turbos for some time.

    I didn't realize where the reunion was until yesterday. We are only 2 1/2 hours away so the wife and I are loading up in the morning to come out and spend the day.

    Is there anyone we should look up when we get there? What are the chances of seeing SVOs 4 sale?

    This will be our first Mustang show. We are usually hitting the old iron shows around this time but with this thing so close who could not go?


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    Take I-20 West to exit 140 (in Alabama) and go into the Barber Motorsport track. The SVOs will be parked (mainly) on the hill - overlooking the pits. Basically - we've been set out of the way due to the mismanagement of the event planners. They may be some SVOs on the pavement just below the timing tower - but the rest of us are parking together on the hill. Just ask any of the people directing traffic - they *might* have a clue.

    After the show on Saturday - stop by the Hampton Inn located at Exit 158 on I-20 (Pell City, AL). We'll have the hospitality room going full swing by 7-8pm til who knows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PsRumors View Post
    Is there anyone we should look up when we get there? Ron
    Find the ones with a beer in their hands, they are the seasoned veterans.

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    Rumor has it someone DOES have their SVO for sale. Just bring a bunch of cash and I'm sure you can find one!
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