My favorite part of the track event was hearing that an SVO will hang with the 03-04 cobras on the Barber road coarse.. So I was in my fourth session of the day, when I notice that I am slowly catching up to a red stang.. I was not pushing my car full out as I know that it has a small oil leak when pushed all out.. I was shifting at about 4500 rpm with the boost around 12-13 psi.. As I got closer to that red mustang I noticed that it had the rear spoiler with no raise in it between.. Upon closer inspection it had the word "COBRA" in the rear bumper cover, identifying it as an 03-04 cobra.. I looked in the rearview mirror, and there was nobody close enough to worry about.. As I got closer, it seemed like he was starting to push that cobra a bit more.. I ran a little bit harder also, to see if my SVO would hang with this cobra.. I followed him for about 2 laps, there were a few places that I could have passed him, as always it was coming out of the corners.. I would brake before the corner & be on the gas going through the corner all the way.. The cobra would be wrestling his car around the turns & then he got on the gas as the turns went straight.. If we could have passed in the turns, I would have passed him on the first lap, so I paitently waited untill I got that hand sign to pass out the drivers window.. I boosted it up & passed with ease & a nod to the driver.. I'm very impressed with my SVO & how well she did aginst all of those other cars.. I passed a lot of cars (Roush's, Saleen's, GT's, Cobra's, & even a kit car cobra)with ease because of the SVO's corning ability.. I just wanted to share this with you all.. Thanks for all your support in getting my car up to racing status, so I could have this awesome story to tell..