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    spec question on the turbo I won...

    I saw a spec sheet on this turbo, but didn't pay any attention to it as I had no intention of winning it...

    Anybody know the specs?

    I thanked the fellow from Turbo Specialties, but don't want to call and seem pesky.

    Anyone know where I can get a new inlet, exhaust elbow and wastegate pieces, all the parts it needs bolted on it? I know I can swap them from my old stuff, but I'd like to see prices on new stuff. Sources and Information.

    For instance, anyone have a website or contact information for that guy from turboford that was making that beautiful exhaust elbow that was gigantic? Had pics of it w/ a coke can sitting inside it. Very large! I'd like that puppy on the back side of this turbo.
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    one answer for all your questions...

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