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Thread: The voyage home

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    the well known PIA VIN guy Ken Potter's Avatar
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    I won the Tire Rack $100 gift certificate. Looks like it will go a long way from what I've seen on their website. I did find a typo / glitch on pricing for the mechanics gloves though. On one screen it says $12.95 and on the other screen it says $21.95 so I'll give them a call first.

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    Glad you guys got the valve cover and mail box. I was hoping they wouldnt get lost in New Jersey. If they did I could just GPS the location......twice.

    You will have to post up pictures when you get the mail box mounted. I loved that one and it makes the one at my shop look like a$$. DRAGPAK, glad you like it !! Congrats.

    One of these years, I am going to make it down. I'm just glad you guys passed out my cards to I could trouble shoot Alex's problem over the phone.
    Biz closed till further notice
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