Due to continued questions from new users and people pushing the envelope of what's proper behavior and use of our forum, along with people who want to argue how our forum is operated, the below set of forum rules is now in effect.

These were agreed on by the Board of Directors (BOD) for the SVOCA. If you have any questions, please email the BOD, svoca@svoca.com

Here are The Rules aka Acceptable Use Policy

1. Introduction
SVO Club of America forum is a web site/portal that supports the free flow of information regarding Mustang SVOs.

SVO Club of America is not in any way associated with any other club or Ford Motor Company. The operators of SVO Club of America may be active participants in other club and Ford sponsored activities, but none are employees of Ford or any subsidiary.

SVO Club of America is operated as a private web site, financially supported by both individual and membership monies. No guarantees can be made now, or in the future, with respect to the levels that each group/individual contributes.

SVO Club of America logo is copyrighted and it will not be used without specific permission from SVO Club of America Board of Directors (BOD).

2. Operation
SVO Club of America is operated by a close group of private individuals known as the BOD, each being a Mustang SVO enthusiast. These volunteers donate their time and efforts towards a respective portion of a broad set of tasks necessary to maintain SVO Club of America. No compensation is paid to this group of moderators and operators.

The originators and creators of SVO Club of America are known as the Founding Five. The SVO Club of America is owned by a single individual person, who continues to control and manage the infrastructure. There is no outside organization, company, or agency that ensures the ongoing operation or availability of SVO Club of America; therefore there is no guarantee of the future availability and/or operational practices of SVO Club of America.

2.1. Property
All content submitted to the operators, editors, administrators, and moderators of SVO Club of America are posted on the site for the benefit of its members and visitors. While SVO Club of America does not claim ownership of user-contributed content, we reserve the right to request and/or claim copyright protection of certain types of content when applicable. An example of this would be in cases of SVO Club of America content being used within the scope of a print publication. Please contact the webmaster for additional information.

User-Contributed Content does not represent the opinion of SVO Club of America. SVO Club of America holds no liability or supports no warranty towards the type, amount, content, or definition of any user-contributed content. This waiver also extends to whatever content that may be considered private or proprietary. In other words, the user is responsible for the information contributed, posted, or submitted. Any content submitted by the user may be used by SVO Club of America for any purpose it deems necessary.

The SVO Club of America Administrators/Moderators retain the right to make changes to, edit, update, add to, or remove, content as is deemed necessary.

The SVO Club of America Logo may be used on other web sites, but must be hyper-linked back to SVO Club of America.

3. Policies
The guidelines set forth in the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) are designed to support the active operation of SVO Club of America and support a platform for the appropriate exchange of information:

3.1. Memberships
Forum membership vs. Club membership.

Forum Membership: Registering on the forum of SVO Club of America assigns a profile to the screen name you listed and grants access upon approval. This membership is given free of charge, and allows the registered user to contribute and communicate in several areas of the site. You are required to list your specific City/State location in your forum profile.

Club Membership: This status is attained by submitting a membership application found on the SVO Club of America website. Yearly dues are required to retain Club Membership. Dues serve to support the forum and Reunion costs. Club members are granted access to the Members Only area of the forum. Club membership may be denied or revoked by the BOD.

SVO Club of America membership is not contingent on any other membership of any other organization.

Forum members or Club Members can have their access to the forum suspended or banned without warning by an Administrator/Moderator if forum rules are violated. Any questions concerning a suspension or ban should be sent to the BOD via email. svoca@svoca.com

3.2. Prohibited Activities
• Proprietary Information shall not be posted within any part of SVO Club of America, which includes using SVO Club of America as a platform for exporting proprietary information. If proprietary information is posted, it will be edited and/or removed.
• Copyrighted material shall not be posted on SVO Club of America without the permission of it's owner.
• Posting of off-topic content. Only Mustang SVO, car-related content is allowed.
• Using SVO Club of America to Spam, or for other types of spamming activities.
• Fraudulent activities, or committing fraud.
• Extreme Profanity, no exceptions.
• Mis-spelled Profanity or other character replacements designed to bypass word filters.
• URL linking to offsite classified ads. ie: No eBay, Craigslist, or Cartraderonline
• URL linking to offsite Forums or other information that can easily be moved
• Using deceptive practices to gather other user contact/email information.
• Signatures; limit lines to (4) and no linking allowed in signatures
• Sending potentially dangerous content, including viruses and worms, for the purpose of gaining access to other member's computers.
• Cross-Posting of advertisements for products, items or services.
• Disrupting any area of SVO Club of America with frivolous, excessively vulgar, hateful, or repetitious postings. This also includes using Profanity, in any fashion.
• Posting of excessively large files/images or posting pictures that have no relative content towards Mustang SVOs or Club activities.
• Scanning SVO Club of America for ways to gain un-authorized access or to hack the server.
• Using SVO Club of America content within any other web site, publication, verbal communication, or multimedia release without permission.
• Postings of extreme morbid content. SVO Club of America is a means to share information real-life events, but not perpetually display them without end.
• Executing a retaliatory strategy towards other individuals or companies. SVO Club of America is an online community, not a place for your personal/business agendas.
• Posts that ask for or encourage financial payment, commercial or charitable.
• Selling products that relate to the Mustang SVO enthusiast. We have specific Vendor guidelines, so please contact the BOD/Webmaster before advertising your products on SVO Club of America.
• Cross-Posting the same topic across more than one page or category. This type of activity is disruptive and is abusive to the other members of SVO Club of America. If there is an issue or question, send a private message to an Administrator/Moderator.
• Explicit Content; Text or Images (including Avatars) depicting pornographic content, including mild or soft porn. This also includes content that has nothing to do with Mustang SVOs or the Club. There are other sites on the web that are better suited for providing that kind of information/service.
• Substance Abuse - Text or Images that describe, promote, or encourage abuse of legal substances. Examples would be the abuse of prescription drugs or alcoholic beverages.
• Use of Illegal Drugs - Text or Images that describe, promote, or encourage the use of substances and/or drugs that are illegal in the United States of America (US).
• Group Buys - Group Buys are not allowed. Contact a sponsoring Vendor for Group Buy ideas.
• Religious - not allowed.
• Political – not allowed. Don’t care if it’s on a city, state, federal, or Car Club level – it’s not allowed.

4. Advertising
If you notice, SVO Club of America does not have banner ads or pop ups. Let’s keep it that way. SVO Club of America does have sponsoring Vendors that offer exclusive discounts for SVO Club of America “Club” member. See the club membership link for more information.

In order to protect our Vendors and Members interests, no content or posts written to sell a product or service can be put on SVO Club of America without pre-approval. This also includes non-profit and charitable interests. In other words, only active pre-approved sponsoring Vendors of SVO Club of America can advertise or post content about their products and services on SVO Club of America.

SVO Club of America Classifieds, Web Links, Product Reviews, and Photos cannot be used to post content supporting commercial interests.

5. SVO Club of America Assumes No Liability
SVO Club of America has no practical ability to restrict all conduct, communications, or content that might violate this Policy prior to its transmission on its server. Also SVO Club of America cannot ensure the prompt removal of any such communications or content after transmission or posting. Accordingly, SVO Club of America does not assume any liability to visitors and members for any failure to enforce the terms of this Policy.

6. Possible Actions Taken for Violation
It is important to understand that while SVO Club of America is privately owned, its administrative team and key members are made up of extremely capable individuals. Those that depend of the availability and content of SVO Club of America represent more one single group or interest. This is said to serve as a warning; we like having fun and sharing information about the Mustang SVO; do not access this site for the purpose of committing the Prohibited Activities outlines above in section 3.2. In most cases, violations will merely be edited or deleted. In more extreme situations, access to SVO Club of America may be suspended or completely banned and your club membership denied or revoked.

Repeat violators, or illegal actions, will be reported to your Service Provider or Network Administrator, which may lead to the notification of the law enforcement organization that would support your physical location. This action may lead to criminal prosecution and/or suit for damages.

For those who choose to not abide by the SVO Club of America Acceptable Use Policy and agree to its terms, we will disallow your access and ask that you do not return. Abide by these simple guidelines - or do not use SVO Club of America.

7. Revisions to the Acceptable Use Policy
SVO Club of America reserve the right to modify this Policy at any time, so there will be no notice given upon Acceptable Use Policy changes or updates.