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    VERY nice site showing SUSPENSION

    Not sure if I've shared this or any one here knows about this site. It lays out the basics of HOW a Mustang suspension works and how aftermarket bolt ons can help/affect it. It really does a good job showing these .. and includes a few animations to help understand what you're reading. Mustang Suspension

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    Very nice, I can say that I understand a Watts link now *actually seen it more or less *, very informative.

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    Anyone have the "Mustang Performance Handbook 2..." book mentioned at the bottom of that page? I was reading the preview on Amazon and it has references to the SVO from the very beginning. Might have more SVO-specific info within...
    '86 running MegaSquirt

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    Mustang Performance Handbook 2

    I have that book. I think it is very good in that it explains a lot of the problems with the mustang suspension and how to improve upon it. He does reference the SVO quite a bit in the book. It goes into the different suspension requirements for a drag racer vs a road racer vs autocross. I don't have a lot of racing experience, but from my limited viewpoint I would highly recommend it.

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    I have both 1 and 2

    I think they are a must for anyone who really enjoys driving their mustang.

    Very informative!!!!!!!

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    Thats where I got the info for the pan hard bar I built on the svo.
    Very good info.
    Now that I have the Mustang Performance Handbook 2 I can build the torque arm that I am to cheap to buy.

    Shawn, Nice site you have. 86 looks great.
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    Time to clean up the engine bay!

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    That book is cool. Additionally, Doug and Jackie's CP Mustang, featured in a lot of the book now belongs to a friend of mine here in the Houston Area. It handles a LOT better than it did then.

    Gene Beaird,
    86 2R SVO, G Stock,
    Pearland, Texas

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