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Thread: Just venting

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    Just venting

    The board members put a lot of time and effort into making the reunion a great weekend of good times. It is a shame that some of you think that it is an opportunity to act like a bunch of 3 year olds. I am refering to the fiasco Saturday at the show. The people at Ballards have been nothing but courteous and accomidating every time we have been there. It is a shame that there are those who think that this is the opportunity to act like children and play with all their toys. I for one didn't care much for spending my time trying to look over my shoulder to see if a toy helicopter was going to hit me in the head or a toy car was going to run into my feet. (I can assure those of you that were playing with your toys that if one of them had hit me or my car, one of us would have toted an a$$ kicking home.) The burnout senerio was simply rediculous. It is my opinion that if you can't come to the reunion and act like adults (at least when you are in public) that you should just stay at home and play with your toys. To all of the board members: Thanks for a great weekend, and if I'm out of line in this post please accept my appologies and delete it.
    Perry Mitchell

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    Just a couple of observations.

    First of all, nobody intended any disrespect towards anyone in the club, or our hosts. If there has been any repercussions from anything that occurred on Saturday, the club and its members should accept our apology.

    Also, in terms of the reference to the toys, a guest of ours that did not have a car in the show had brought them along for fun. I really do not think that anyone should have feared damage to themselves or their cars, but if so, I wish you would have just said something to us on Saturday. Nobody was looking to ruin your weekend, Perry, and I do not think that anyone needs to be "toted an a$$ kicking". In my opinion, there have been more than enough shenanigans on other occasions (mini-bike slalom, anyone?) that separate these events from more formal, uptight events that this would be considered in a similar vein.

    Similarly, as other people have pointed out, there were several folks that decided to engage in some form of stupidity upon conclusion of the event. This was probably not in anyone's best interest, especially at that location, but of course hindsight is 20/20. Once again, if this caused an issue, we are sorry.

    Net, nobody intended to cause you or anyone else any trouble but we apologize if that was the result. If this needs to be discussed any further, all of the directors have my phone number, and any one of them can feel free to give me a call.

    Also, I certainly appreciate all of the work that Eric and the guys put into this event and the club in general.

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    The issue is being resolved.

    I'm closing this thread as there's no need to pour salt in the wound that could result in people getting mad at one another and damage the close-nit group we have here.

    ... but, lets point somethings out ...

    operating a remote anything is cool (IMO) to watch - etc .. but if it had damaged anyone or their property - then you can why some were bothered by it. It would also put the CLUB in liable position - NOT COOL.

    Riding bicycles - even when operated by circus clowns does not damage someone's property by merely riding around a parking lot. Doing a burnout on their sealed pavement .. that does. For some reason (I dunno why) - people get mad when you roast their private property. Just sayin.

    The BOD wants EVERYONE to return again and again to the Reunions and the ones showing off are some of my favorite hooligans and I very much enjoy hangin out with them - I just ask that they reel it back a bit.

    Hope to see you guys next year! Please keep the burnouts in the burnout box area of the drag strip, or at least wait til you get somewhere else besides a sponsoring property owner's parking lot ..


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