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    Steering Wheel winners from Reunion 2009

    First off - apologizes for not having these with me AT the Reunion. I'm probably the most PO'ed about it cause I was really excited about being able to show these off to any/every one who was thinking about getting a wheel re-wrapped from Bob Tweedy - and now I had to find boxes and pay for shipping the things.

    I boxed up 3 steering wheels this morning. They're ready to go and I'll be shipping these out this afternoon. I do not have a box for the fourth one. Figured with Chalky going to be in Detroit for a shoot for a while - he wont mind the wait.

    For the 3 of your who are getting these in the mail, IF you have a core steering wheel .. can you please put it back in the box and return it to me? Not only does it give me a box to ship Chalky his wheel - but it gives me a good core that I can send to Bob so we can offer these as door prizes again next year.


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    Thanks Bud. I'm in no rush so send it when you can.

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