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    AC has been working great. But the engine cooling fan is starting to squeak at turn on/off. So I ordered a new one from Rock Auto. I remember when a fellow member had NOS parts at one of the reunions. Should have snagged one back then.....
    86 SVO 1C

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    did you just order the motor or the full fan? if you just ordered the motor, you are probably getting a better quality piece than the stock one
    Eric C
    SVOCA Webmaster

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    The fan motor on our 86 does that, and has continued to do that for years. It's almost reassuring when we turn the fan on and hear it squeak as it spins up. I can see how it would be embarrassing and annoying on something you drive around and show, but for an autocross car, it was no biggie for us.

    We acquired another fan assembly that I was planning to thoroughly clean, detail and install on the car, and with the radiator upgrade, I'll probably take the opportunity to install it. Still, I wouldn't hesitate to re-use the old, squeaky, fan if I need to.

    So quiet it nice, but a squeaky fan is no indication of pending failure.
    Gene Beaird,
    86 2R SVO, G Stock,
    Pearland, Texas

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