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    I used some canned air to blow off any loose stuff from the OEM flocking and then applied 4 light coats of paint. The paint seems to have adhered well to the panels. I think that since it is formulated to adhere to fabric and vinyl, it ends up being pretty tolerant of surface a point.

    As for the warning lights, those lenses are mounted to a frame that is then heat staked to the panel, from what I remember. I was able to cut back the melted flanges of the posts and remove the frame/lenses from the panel. After cleaning up the lenses and painting the panel, I put the frame back over the remainder of the posts and used a little epoxy to glue them back into place. I may have done the same thing for the turn signal lenses as well, but it has been a few years.
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    Yeah, the warning lights look easier to cut loose than the turn signal lenses. Easier to reapply, too. Iíll have to look. Iím considering looking at plastic welding, too, but have to have a second look.

    I have had decent luck with epoxy, though, so may just do that.
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