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Thread: Im Baaack

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    Im Baaack

    Been awhile since I've been on. In Nov I picked up an 85.5 in need of save and resurrection. (Pics to come). The other 85 is still at SVPU. Sunday night the original owner of the 85.5 car popped up on one of the SVO pages on Facebook! Ken tagged me in the post. How wild is that?? He sent some pics of when it was new, asked a few question on where its been, etc. He did a carfax on it and it was in MD for it's second owner (info from another source), ironically not far from where SVOPaul lived. He has also offered to send me all the stuff/info he has from when he owned it. I'm currently in the process of reassembling the head, as the previous owner blew a head gasket and found the head was cracked. He lost interest in the car and after it sitting for a year decided to sell it... Awaiting my renewal to see if we have any more info on it.
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    Glad to be of service. Also thanks again for that gift.

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