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    Common Problems and Repairs

    Thought it might be nice to do a listing of common symptoms and repairs:

    Wipers not working:
    Symptom: clicking from circuit breaker under dash, wipers on constantly but at a much reduced rate and same rate on any position of the wiper lever.
    Issue: Wiper governor, went bad
    Note: Went bad after install of higher amp alternator, also when re-installing the wiper linnkage make sure to check the rotation of the wipers before installing them on the car. If installed 180 degrees off, the wipers rotate wrong way.

    Brakes locking up when hot:
    Symptom: one of the front (and rear I suppose) brakes locks when hot
    Issue: our cars came with the "phenolic" caliper brakes
    Solution: upgrade to new all steel brakes

    No Heat/Leaking of Water in Passenger Floor Area:
    Symptom: Lack of heat or leaking water
    Issue: Heater Core is bad
    Solution: replace heater core
    Note: Expertise on this site states it is good to consider a flow restrictor to reduce pressure in heater core, I think Pat in LA might makes these

    Engine Sputtering:
    Symptom: Under load or under boost as it goes above 3000rpm
    Issue: Auxillary shaft is going bad
    Solution: replacement
    Note: I thought I'd try to give more throttle to "clear" past the problem and experienced total failure of the shaft. Clean up of all pieces is a disaster, better to replace the shaft beforehand.

    Steering Wheel Wandering:
    Symptom: Car wanders, drifts, steering wheel is sloppy
    Issue: Steering RAG joint is failing
    Note: make sure to get the right RAG joint, there are several and I struggled to try an install a "slightly smaller" version for a long time before figuring this out.

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    couple more

    Car has Miss Under Boost:
    Symptom: Under boost, in my case above 3500rpm (very similar to the Aux Shaft problem)
    Issue: Knock Sensor

    Engine Stalls
    Symptom: Periodically at a specific temperature the engine just dies and starts right back up
    Issue: Engine Coolant Temperature Sender - sends faulty voltage causing a idle drop and stall
    Note: Wife asks, why does your car always die when this happens.

    Smoke At Start Up
    Symptom: worn or old exhaust valve seals
    Issue: Puff of Smoke at startup

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