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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Potter View Post
    It would look something like this...

    Disclaimer: When I get some time to work on my projects this one will be coming back apart and re-built again. All the SVO stuff will be going back to my other SVOs or sold to the needy. The wheels are one of my spare sets so I'll be keeping them.
    Didn't know you had a Cobra too Ken. Damn! You got all the nice toyz....
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4themasses View Post
    Didn't know you had a Cobra too Ken. Damn! You got all the nice toyz....
    It's actually a 90 LX 5.0 with the Cervini 93 Cobra body kit. Since the LX was white from the factory and it's a "clone" I figured I wouldn't get hurt if I built it my way.

    The front end is SVO stuff which will be coming back off at some point in the future. The rear is a 94 GT 355 disc.

    I've covered this before though. It started out as a brake job...

    While the SVO wheel and the LX wheel both technically have "ten holes", and both are made from aluminum, that is where the similarities end for me. I could never confuse the two.

    I even had a set of NOS never mounted 93 Cobra wheels / center caps / and tires many years ago. I was going to put them on my 85 GT vert but changed my mind and sold them for cheap.

    Just another

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