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Thread: Forge Bypass Valve

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    Forge Bypass Valve

    I installed a Forge bypass valve on the SVO, part no. FMDV006. They call it a dump valve on the site. So far I am very pleased. It is black anodozed aluminum, rebuildable, and you can change spring stiffness according to the amount of boost you are running.
    The valve comes with four springs, green 5-15psi, yellow 15-23psi, blue 23-30 psi, and red 30+psi. Also there are shims to fine tune the valve. It comes installed with a blue spring but I am running about 16-17psi so I changed to the yellow spring. It still seemed a little stiff, I could hear some fluttering when I let off the gas under boost, so I just changed out to the green spring with one shim, two are provided.
    There were not any instructions with the valve but there are instructions on the Forge web site. I already had the Forced4 bypass valve kit so it was a simple install. The problem I had with the Bosch valve in the Forced4 kit is it somehow got distorted, likely due to heat and overtightening the hose clamps on the valve, and was leaking under boost.
    The bad is the Forge valve costs $165 which is pretty expensive.
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    Kevin Boyd

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