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    Quote Originally Posted by DAVEZ84SVO View Post
    I am also looking at taking a slightly different route in order to by-pass that place.. I was thinking of taking Indiana 256 east to Madison, then head down 421, to hwy 42, then to Dave's place?? I will see what Dave suggests..

    I talked with Dave W. tonight. He's going to cross the I-65 bridge as he'll be crossing at a non-busy time. If the right lane (to I-64 and I-71) is too backed up, he'll just take I-65 south (left two lanes) and swing around on I-264.

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    Thanx for the updates guys, I should be hitting Louisville at ~12pm tomorrow, so I should be OK. Not like I haven't hit some sort of construction through there over the past 15 years of making various trips...sheesh and they say Chicago is bad for construction!!

    I did a quick analysis of running through Louisville compared to running through Florance Y'all and the Florance route adds ~50 miles and/or close to an hour on the travel time. So unless you think the traffic in Louisville will kill more than an hour it looks like I-65 is still the better north-south route. That is my story and I am sticking to it...
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