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    Ty (while talking about Mr. Mitchels unfortunate spill, Ty throws in) "Eagles 1972, You can't hide your lying eyes...every form of refuge has it's price."

    Perry Mitchel- "I hope his a$$hloe grows shut and he never $hits again."

    Perry Mitchel- "I should have left that last sip in the bottle.

    Everyone- "Where's Gator?"

    Deb- "Hay (word for a man who loves men)!!" While walking up to me from behind to see if I'd look...I looked

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    Butt crack guy: "Will you take 80 dollars to help a guy out?"
    Buttah: "Yeah."
    Butt crack guy turns to his friend: "Loan me 80 bucks?"

    By the way, Why are there so many quotes about me being face down in the parking lot? It was a simple case of alcohol induced vertigo.
    Perry Mitchell

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    Quote Originally Posted by rschonegg View Post
    I was asking for DragPak of course...
    Hmm... and he posted that he had a great date last night on his FB page....
    If it ain't broke... Give me some time!

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