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    I have been doing some research on the best deals for some struts & shocks replacements on here and seen a couple of positive posts on rockauto, so I checked them out and seemed to have excellent prices. I ordered the Gabriel struts since they didn't have KYB in the struts, and KYB for the quad shocks. Well. I received them today and very very disappointed..They sent me two different struts. One was a Gabriel, but some other was some brand I never heard of. The Gabriel was blue(could push strut rod in with ease) and the other was black(really stiff and a lot harder to push in) and both had different part numbers on the struts to the ones on the boxes. Both were very loose on the spindles and couldn't tighten them up and came with no hardware. Furthermore, the KYB shocks were two different colors as well. The damper shocks were white and gray with two different part numbers and the shocks both were gray. The pictures and part numbers on their site showed as being white and only to the part number of KG4521. When I called, I spoke to a person who definitely didn't know what he was doing and couldn't answer any of my questions. He did state that there was no guarantee to get parts with the same part numbers nor the same colors...If I could have reached through the phone....They will be going back Monday while my car sits up on jack stands waiting for replacements, and I will never do business with them again....

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    ... and a prefect example why they are not a sponsoring Vendor for this club.

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