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Thread: Steeda Tri-Ax

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    Thumbs up Steeda Tri-Ax

    Just upgraded the original Hurst in my 86 2R that I bought new. I've been doing a fair amount of driving lately and the Hurst's non-positive, rubbery feel was getting me down. I went with the Tri-Ax and all I can say is why didn't I do it sooner. Great product quality, smooth positive action, decently short throws. I like it!
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    Heh, we went with a B&M Ripper. I was looking for a Hurst unit when looking for a short-throw shifter (little did I know at the time that it's not legal for stock-class autocross competition), and everyone was out, so we picked up the B&M. I LOVE the solid feel and short throw. You can shift faster than the synchros want to, but for autocross, we'd usually only use 2nd gear anyway. Wish the threads on the lever were the same as the factory handle, 'cause I'd love the stock handle with the short shifter. Maybe I'll modify the lever to match a factory handle. Who knows.

    But yeah, if you haven't done so, do it now, you'll love it.
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    I have the Steeda also and it is a huge improvement in feel over the OEM. However, I am not completely happy as I cannot downshift from 5th to 4th without first pushing the lever toward 3rd, not all the way into 3rd, but there needs to be a positive motion in the direction of 3rd before it will allow me to go into 4th. I really don't like that, especially on the track. I'm not sure what the problem is, but it did not happen with the OEM shifter so I'm pretty sure it isn't the trans.

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    Ciscokid, I'm not sure how the shifter could cause this difference in shifting... synchro's do what synchros do...
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