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    how to make 450-500hp??

    ok im currently trying to build a 2.3 and make around 500hp. im just looking for some advice/opinions on a set up that would be capable for the goal. here is a list or items im planning on getting and just curious if it looks like a good route.
    im pretty new to the svo world, still learning, but here is a small list of the big things. please let me know if im missing anything major.


    .030 over cp rods/ pistons with arp hardware
    arp main studs
    Billit main caps
    stock crank (getting polished)


    stage 3 head
    2.5 cam
    Not sure on springs??
    stock lifters okay to use?
    stock cam followers
    getting cam tower straps


    precision 5931 59mm
    mark bean manifold
    38mm wg
    3" exhaust turbo back


    Bosch 044 pump
    85# injectors
    braided lines
    will be running water meth injection

    Pimp ECU
    Gutted/ported 120 degree intake

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    Wow that is a major goal.....500HP!!

    It can be made.....but of all the SVOs and 2.3 cars 400 is about where people hit that plateau, then to go beyond takes alot more dedication and time. Good luck! your list is going in the right direction
    dont forget other things to make that goal hit the ground.....I would think a 5.0 flywheel/clutch setup would help (the svo clutch is a bit small and others have had issue above 400 with this

    85 4e

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