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Thread: Another tire question

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    IIRC, this list was here, AND recommending against poly bushings in the upper arms, like most other autocross/roadrace/Mustang-centric forums. :-)

    The 7.5" diff saves unsprung weight, which is a good thing in almost every way. They're decently-strong for all but the hardest drag-race launches with sticky slicks. But yeah, not very well supported in the aftermarket.

    If you are going to mess with a panhard bar, I'd definitely look into a Watts Link. The fab work is almost the same, but I don't know if they make one for a 7.5". Definitely better way to go if you're turning left and right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by strangesvo View Post
    Yes I have researched and found poly on upper arms is bad, so where were you guys 15 years ago when I installed them on my car I am planning on upgrading the rear suspension soon. I did see the spherical bearing for the upper is the best route to go but I didn't see them for a 7.5 rear end. I would like to install a Panhard bar but also read that this not good with poly bushings and you get the best out of the panhard bar with a torque arm which I don't see them made for a 7.5 rear. Therein lies my dilemma.... So the only route is to go back to rubber bushings on the upper arms? I would like to smack the genius at Ford who thought is was a good idea to put the 7.5 rear in these cars. Just doesn't make sense when you use axles shafts out of a 8.8 Anyway thanks for all the input. If your wondering why I want to upgrade the rear suspension, I have been bitten by the race bug. I have put some autocross laps in with the local scca club. And yes I have felt the great mustang oversteer that seems to be so prevalent in our cars. I can even see it with new stangs' sorry this turned into a suspension thread.....
    Hey, I was right there with you on the poly bushings...heck, I even box welded my uppers to make things even worse!! There are some options for your 7.5 rear, just have to look a bit and be willing to modify some bits. Looks like you need a new thread over in the Brakes/Suspension forum, as I am sure many of us are certainly willing to discuss various failures and successes of our own.
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    ROFL are you kidding me Gene!!

    There was a forum member that called me names, and pitched a fit over me saying those exact words. in short terms, he said a 7.5 wasn't strong enough to hold a 2.3 without turbo... etc
    I ended up having to ban him after he started editing all his posts, deleting some, and posting comments about me in others. one of the FEW bans I've ever actually handed out (contrary to popular belief)

    Just brought back memories, sounding bad, but I actually thought the whole thing was hilarious.
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