We have had a slight change of plans, which are now noted in the main thread. Due to some scheduling issues, we had to find a new venue for our show event. I did some hunting around and have found, what I believe, will be a great venue for us. Now, this is a bit different than most Reunion show/shines, but nothing that we haven't done before (i.e.- sneak our event inside another one).

The show/shine event will be held within the car show field of the Huntley Fall Fest celebration going on a few miles west of SVO Central (see link below). We will still be having our regular SVOCA sponsored activities (i.e.- club voting, raffle giveaways, etc), along with participating in the Fest show...some folks may walk off with (2) awards. Don't worry about the entry fee for the Fall Fest show, it has been taken care of so there are no additional costs related to this change.

In any case, I am looking forward to seeing everyone later this week!