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    Cobra irs wheel question.

    Does anyone know if the factory SVO wheels fit over the rear brake set up on the cobra irs? I dont have the rear yet so I can't offer up a wheel.

    Thanks in advance.

    On the hunt for a super clean 85.5/86 SVO....

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    I went with a 17" wheel with my IRS setup
    but did hear that if you ground a bit of material off the edge of the tie-rod end a 16" wheel would work ....I never did try this

    85 4e

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    I have an IRS and just so happen to still have an SVO wheels laying around. I will check it out for ya when the IRS gets bolted back in. (I am upgrading the fuel system in the car and had to drop the tank)
    86 Mustang SVO -- "Frankie"

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