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Thread: 84 Trans fluid?

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    84 Trans fluid?

    Does the 84 use a gear oil and if so what does everyone recommend. Also how do you tell the difference between the non world class & world class as I'm not sure if the trans has been changed. Thanks

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    Doesn't matter all BW 5 speeds take Dextron. I bought a new 84 svo and still have it and the owners manual page 131 specification Dextron II
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    And a good Dexron II is all you need. The synthetic fluids tend to be 'slicker', which can cause grinding when trying to pull off quick shifts as the synchros struggle to get bite to synch up the gears. It doesn't seem to cause significant long-term issues, but can be embarrassing when shifting. Reverse is also fun to get into. So yeah, DexII, and nothing more is necessary.
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