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    New owner of a 1984 SVO 9W

    I registered here back in 2009 and never made a post. Well, since I have recently purchased an SVO, I figure it is time for me to introduce myself.

    Last spring (2016) I purchased my first SVO. Its a 1984 Dark Charcoal Grey car. I ran a CarFax report on it and it looks like I am the 3rd owner. Unfortunately, it is a rebuilt title car. Which I was told was due to a theft recovery. The previous owner added a lot of aftermarket goodies to the car. Precision turbo, Gnari manifold, Precision wastegate, Stinger front mount intercooler, Aeromotive regulator and Aeromotive in-tank fuel pump. He told me the car made 251rwhp on a dyno.

    The downfall, was that the engine had a rod knock. The car was still on stock injectors (30lb green tops), and I do not think he had it tuned (the stock TE ECU is still in the car and still sealed).

    Unfortunately, the car has the wrong nose and hood on it (1985-1986 LX). I assume this was due to the theft recovery. The guy I got it from claimed the original owner still had the original parts, but the bumper cover was torn, and that is why the LX front end was fitted.

    I already have the engine and transmission out of the car, and my hopes are to have it back on the road this summer (2017).

    1984 Mustang SVO - 9W - Dark Charcoal Gray

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    That's awesome man! The good news is your in the right place ! Look forward to seeing the pictures.

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