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Thread: Atlantic Automotive?

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    Atlantic Automotive?

    Does anybody know anything about Atlantic Automotive rack and pinions? I ask because I can buy a rebuilt unit from Autozone for a lot less than anywhere else I have found online.
    Perry Mitchell

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    I haven't heard of them Perry, but an internet search brings up their name in a lot of places. Reviews seem to be positive and the company has been around for 30 years now, so they seem to be pretty established. Seems like a decent option. Let us know if you go with one from them.
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    Perry, I suggest to just have your unit rebuilt. I have not found a replacement rack out there that has the same steering effort as the original SVO. The ones I got from the parts store all had the feel of a Lincoln Town Car. Even the ATP units from Late Model Restoration has the wrong valving.
    Mike S

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    your auto-zone rebuilt unit will come back with the feel of a Lincoln town car, trust me, I know.
    Eric C
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    You may check with Steerco/AGR Steering. I have their 'firm' 15:1, and it's a bit lighter than the OEM. They also make a 'Cobra R-valving' configuration that is supposedly much firmer than the 'firm' one I got. I _think_ they can also rebuild your rack, if you have the time.

    They did take a while to get my rack delivered from the time it was ordered, so don't order one and pull the one you have on the car off, until the Big Brown Truck runs over the box in the driveway.
    Gene Beaird,
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