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Thread: Hood Hinge Boots

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    Hood Hinge Boots


    I'm replacing the hood hinge boots on my 84 SVO. Is there a recommended sealant to seal the hinge boots to the firewall; RTV or weatherstrip adhesive? There was quite a bit of rust under the right side hinge so whatever the previous owner used didn't work very well.

    Thanks for any recommendations!

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    I don't think they came from the factory with any sealant on them, but I could be wrong. If you want to seal them on there, I would think most any RTV would work fine. If you want to make them 'removable' you would need to use something that doesn't work as an adhesive, like a non-hardening butyl or Hylomar sealant. Both types create a seal, but allow the mating components to be easily separated when the time comes.

    I can vouch for Hylomar remaining 'soft', as I followed some advice and used it to seal up my T5 tranny...wrong choice there, as my tranny weeps a bit of fluid where the sealant is in contact with the fluid (doh!), but it does not leak where there is splash of the fluid (i.e.- upper half of the case, cover and shifter area).
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