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Here in WA state, anything over 25 years old doesn't need an emissions test. Are other states different?
Yes, all states and regions within states are different. Living in the Chicagoland area, I am subject to the Illinois emissions laws. The 'collar' or surrounding counties to Cook county (where Chicago proper is) were eventually brought into the emission testing fray many years ago too due to population numbers. Over the past 25 or so years they have been doing emission testing here, there have been many, many changes from simple tailpipe sniffers to the full IM240 dyno roller testing, all of which my SVO was subjected to. Tailpipe is easy to pass without a cat, with some simple ignition timing adjustment, but the IM240 combined with 4:10 gears was a no-fly without a cat. The current Illinois emission laws only require testing on OBD-II vehicles and all OBD-I and prior vehicles are exempt. We have luckily never required any kind of safety check on non-commercial vehicles around here...for better or worse I guess.