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    Rack and pinion bushings

    I have a 1984 svo with warn out rack and pinion bushings does anyone know where i can get replacement ones?(like a link to one?) i know there are two different kinds the split and the solid i just don't know which ones to get. also is this for the most part an easy project to replace them my self? thanks in advance and i would be fine with aftermarket bushings.

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    I replaced mine last winter, I also have 1984. They were Energy Suspension Part# 4.10102G. Seemingly design changed on 10/84 by Energy catalog, there is different part number for newer. Originals were solid rubber but these replacements were split, probably for easier installation.

    Easy job when rack and pinion is off, remove old ones and replace with new ones

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    My 86 uses the split type bushings.
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    The job isn't too complicated. Depends on whether you have the full solid or split bushings as to if you should pull the rack from the car. I remember doing mine in the car (86 model). I ran Energy Suspension poly bushings for many years and just moved to the solid bushings from Maximum Motorsports. Only reason for the move from poly to solid was that I had them and was curious how well the poly units held up. They looked brand new, FWIW after ~10 or so years of use. Not sure if I kept them or not, if so I would offer to send them off to you. Let me check and see.
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