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    Well I had a chance to go at this today when some friends were able to come by to help with the wrenching. Put in the Mach I springs uncut with the isolators on top, it only dropped maybe 1/2" at the most, maybe will settle a bit more. Probably should have left the top isolators out to get a bit more drop. Didn't do anything with the rear springs yet since I'm not sure what I will end up doing on the front, may try a different set. For now at least I have some more front spring rate to combat the brake dive. We firmed the shocks up all around and took out for a quick road test, feels pretty good. Tried to swap out the rear stabilizer bar but some of the tiny slapper bar hardware rounded off, and I don't have a proper torch set here at home. Next time that I have the car at work, I can get them to get the 5.0 rear bar on. Also have a 2-point front crossmember brace to go on, should do that this afternoon while the tools are out.

    End of this month is one more HPDE I'll be helping at, out on the small track at Mosport. That will give me the opportunity to see how the car feels, and decide on what other changes / tweaks I might want to try over the winter.

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    Sounds like you are on the right track, anything down from where you were at is a plus. Let us know how the HPDE goes.
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