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Thread: Quarter Panel Molding?

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    Quarter Panel Molding?

    Anybody know where to get these? I'm starting my big 'paint' project and my originals have the ends peeling up. Would like to just get some new ones if they are available. Thanks.
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    All moldings on the SVO are no longer available. Your paint and body shop should be able remove and re-install what you have.
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    The thin style SVO moldings as Mike said are obsolete and could be reused. The wide moldings are reproduced now.

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    Search this site. IIRC, there was a discussion about replacements that were close made by some company that makes the things for several cars. Otherwise, peel the metal backing off the original units and reuse them.
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    NOS versions may still exist, but will likely be very hard to, search, search. The Fox Resto parts are a good option IMHO.

    The metal backing on the trim pieces is what causes the most amount of curling of the trim pieces, so once removed they can be held much flatter. My body shop guy removed the metal backing on my trims before reinstalling them after paint. So far, there is only one corner curling up, but that is because the foam tape has started to come apart.
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