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Thread: Loss of oil pressure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green57 View Post
    I replaced the sending unit not more than a year ago with a brand new Motorcraft one. Original lasted more than thirty years, the new one, well not so long, ****... I'll order up a new sending unit and get it installed.
    On second thought, one other thing to check...
    Before you order up a new sender, ground the wire connector to make sure you don't have a wiring issue.
    An open circuit (high resistance, poor connection) will also cause the gauge to low or zero.
    When you ground the sensor wire, your OP gauge should max out at full scale.
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    Yes, only the oil gauge was affected so the resistor pack would seem to be okay.

    As we were driving home from picking up the SVO about five minutes into the drive, I was going around a traffic circle when low and behold the gauge started working again. I will check the wiring to the sender and see what's going on there.

    As a crew chief of mine once said "Broken helicopters don't just fix themselves" I'm applying that same logic to cars. I'm glad its working again but I need to find that gremlin and run him outta town.

    Thank you all for the help.


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    Green57, the advice Larado gave you to test the single wire is good advice. I'd also say check your ground strap, should be running from the firewall to one of the bell-housing bolts.
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    I witness this twice ... bad oil filter, the check valve goes bad.

    IIRC Joeturbo was a victim.


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