The reason for this thread is to establish a resource for SVO replacement/upgrade parts from other autos that can be made to work/fit. I considered putting this thread in the FAQ section and in the Project section but ultimately decided to start it here. Depending on how much information we gather here, the mods can decide where it belongs. I think the SVO Tech categories are an excellent way to sort these. The idea is to suggest swap ins and review their viability. The suggested parts will have a "?" before them until they are evaluated. If they fail an effort benefit analysis, they are prefixed with "-" as a reference for those considering it. If they pretty much drop in, they get a "$" prefix, if it takes some fiddling or introduce challenges they're marked with a "+". If the benefits don't generally outweigh the effort or there are better options the entry is marked with "*". Okay, I'll seed a few suggestions to kick off the discussion.

Engine and Electronics
*Volvo B234 DOHC head

+Ford 8.8" rear axle

Wheels and Tires


Brakes and Suspension
?Mazda RX7 Watts link

Interior and Body
$1979-1994 Mustang parts
+1983-1989 Ford Ranger front air dam

This is an ongoing experiment so feel free to suggest improvements to this system along with your part submissions.