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    I'm just going by the only accepted way of measuring the width. I learned this roughly 27 years ago when I had the 9" rear end built / narrowed for my 66 fastback.

    I assumed everybody knows this. If somebody was to order a custom rear end from any of the major suppliers they base everything off of the flange to flange / wheel mounting surface as the width.

    Here is how Currie requires that info:

    "...and measure the distance between the wheel mounting surface..."

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    Ken, no arguing on my end, just wanted to note that when you look at a table of numbers, the information contained on the Currie page isn't always followed. A couple of examples of variation are, 1) give a c-clip axle length w/o the clip end, so measure from the outside of the flange to the end of the splines or 2) give the length from the inside surface of the flange to the outside surface of the c-clip tip. Unless you are working with a diagram explaining a particular dimension, you can only assume the number given is only what it is and not what you think it is. Don't be afraid to question the method and specifics of a measurement if you can't get the part in front of you.
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