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    Show Pics

    Pics from the SHOW!

    3RD place Mike Stephens
    2nd place Mark Miller
    1ST place Dave Schmitt
    4th place Bruce Richards

    Sonic Choice award -- Ted Schaefer

    Honorable mention to Rob Rovers, who came a long way to join us without an SVO, but brought his 93 Canadian Cobra
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_20181006_130836.jpg   IMG_20181006_131032.jpg   IMG_20181006_130835.jpg   IMG_20181006_135936.jpg   IMG_20181006_141545.jpg  

    IMG_20181006_141551.jpg   IMG_20181006_141523.jpg   IMG_20181006_141539.jpg  
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    Saturday Show Pictures
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_0848.JPG   IMG_0849.JPG   IMG_0847.JPG   IMG_0852.JPG   IMG_0851.JPG  

    IMG_0850.JPG   IMG_0857.JPG   IMG_0855.JPG   IMG_0853.JPG   IMG_20181006_141532969_HDR.jpg  

    IMG_20181006_083434773.jpg   IMG_20181006_083429365_HDR.jpg   IMG_20181006_141555939.jpg   IMG_20181006_141548026.jpg  
    Odd, when I took my avitar picture I owned the black I own the blue SVO.

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