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    New to group with 84 SVO

    Thanks for adding me to the group. I purchased my '84 SVO in July. It is an original survivor with 29k miles. Original owner was Roger Ruhlin. I bought it from his son after it was stored in a garage for many years. I have always liked the Fox body cars since driving an SSP Mustang at work in 85. I had a coworker who bought an SVO and raved about how much better it was than the SSP. I drove it, he was right, but owning one was out for me raising kids at the time. I have always liked older cars and when I retired I started buying a car a year to fix up drive & flip for a small profit. Always looking for the SVO I missed out on. I wanted on with low milage that was in original condition. Finally found it & I won't be flipping this one, its a keeper. It handles better than the 914 I fixed up & flipped a few years ago. I had a Fox body with a 5.0 that everyone said was the best sounding car I had but I love sound of the the turbo with stock exhaust. I purchased the book by David LaRocque and that was a great source of information that made me realize what I had. Not just a nice handling car but a piece of automotive history. Looking forward to relying on all of you for information to help keep it running as it is now.

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    Awesome find and welcome to the club!! Nice looking 84, I am sure you will have lots of fun with it. Now, you just need to get to one of the Reunions and share it.
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    COOL purchase...
    SVO's just don't have the sound of a V8, but they have a sound all their own, and they do handle...

    We had a guy at the reunion this year with a 28k original mile SVO, and he Auto-crossed it with us!!

    looking forward to seeing you run with us (or without us!!)
    Eric C
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    Welcome aboard.
    Mike S

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    Congrats on your SVO. Looks like a very nice example.
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