You guys probably have all heard my speech on why free-based email accounts are banned from registration on this forum.

The short version is -- we would spend all our time cleaning up spam from the forum, and I really don't want to do that.

So there's a catch.. if you are already registered here, and need to update your email address, the forum runs you through the same process as registration, and won't allow you to enter gmail, yahoo, etc... (sorry, we can't change this, well we can, but I'm not re-writing it.)
We have no problem with you using these email addresses once you've established you're not a bot.. so just drop us (Me or SVONO50) a PM (preferred as it shows you can access the account) and we can update it for you no problem.
You can email, but you will need to be able to prove the account is yours.

Same goes for new registrations. If someone wants to register, but can't, send us a few lines in an email as to why, and what they want to do in with the forum, I'll sign them up manually.

BUT if their note :

  • tells us how stupid we are for not letting them register
  • is in txt tlk, lke IDK
  • is not in ENGLISH

... that note will go to file-13.

Remember, we all donate our time to keep things running here. Please don't make us regret that.