On my 85.5 there are two sensor/controller/electrical gizmos mounted to the rear of the passenger side shock tower. I believe that one is the EGR controller and the other has something to do with an overboost warning circuit. Both have vacuum lines and electrical connections. My FoMoCo shop manuals are for the 85, not the 85.5 so I cannot verify these items for sure as apparently they are located differently in the 85, but they look like the drawings in the manual.

I want to do the Stinger PVC removal/crankcase vent modification and he has the catch tank located where these electrical/vacuum gizmos are currently located. I see no need for EGR on my car, I do not need to smog test and the EGR hardware and pipe is begging to be removed. I also don't need to have a buzzer tell me about overboost.

Question is, can these two items be removed and their vacuum lines blocked without causing the stock PE ECM to freak out? Can I leave the EGR hardware in place for the time being and just not supply the control vacuum to it and not have it cause problems?