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Thread: MM Grip box package

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    MM Grip box package

    Anyone running this package? What options did you go with? I'm filling out the questionnaire right now.
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    Congrats on going this route, I am sure you won't be disappointed. I am running some various MM parts under my car, but not a 'kit'. I do sometimes think that it may have been easier to just go the kit route, but back in 1991 when I got mine I was in no position to afford a full kit...hence the reason I have a 'mix' of parts that do work pretty well together.

    I think you need to decide on what your goal is for the kit and have a chat with MM tech line. From there, they can help guide you through the various options to meet your goal for your SVO (i.e.- street/track, street/auto-x, non-street, etc). Good luck and let us know what you end up going with and if we can help answer any specific questions you may have.
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    I have MM sub-frame connectors, the rear lower control arms, torque arm, pan hard bar and the K- member brace. This is for my track car. The pan hard and torque arm made a big difference on the road courses that I frequent. It has increased the NVH, but it is my track car. I'm planning to add some Lizard Skin and/or dyno mat to reduce the noise in the cabin. I have removed a lot of interior panels which amplifies the noise. Sub-frames are a must.
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