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Thread: SN95 Rear End

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    SN95 Rear End

    Hey guys, thanks a bunch for all of the guidance given in my inquiry about the H&R springs in the suspension section.

    I have a new question: can I use an 8.8 rear out of an SN95 for my SVO without affecting my wheel stance? I know I will need to swap axles and brakes, but is there anything else that would interfere with making that swap?

    To share the details of my current drivetrain: I have a 7.5 in my 84 with 4.10's married up to a 92 5.0 LX tranny (I had the input shaft turned and case hardened to fit in the 2.3 pilot bearing). I am also running the 5.0 bell housing with the bell adapter and the zero balance 5.0 Spec aluminum flywheel.

    The foxes are getting harder to find in the scrap yards, so I am hoping that I have another option that I can look for to make this swap happen. Someone told me the Explorers have 4.10 posi 8.8's in them, but I am not sure if they have the right brackets to fit in the SVO.

    As always, any help shared will be greatly appreciated.



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    94-98 SN95 axle shafts are 3/4" wider per side than standard Fox, so about 1/2" less per side than SVO. 99-04 are another 3/4" wider per side again, with a wider housing too ... so those would be 1/4" wider per side than SVO. So you could use your axles and brakes to swap in to the early SN95 housing and be good to go.

    Some Explorers would have 4.10 ratio as OEM, but they also have different length left and right axle shafts, and also mounting for leaf springs only (assuming that you're talking about 91-01 Explorers and 01-05 Explorer Sports and Sport Tracs.
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