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Thread: Rear End Rebuild :(

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    Rear End Rebuild :(

    So, my Mustang SVO had this weird noise (kind of like ratcheting) and would lock up the left rear wheel upon hard braking. Under the hard braking with the left wheel locked up it would veer to right if you weren't prepared for this. So, finally got the chance to check it out. At first I thought it was a brake issue but found no apparent problems. But, with the car on jack stands and in third gear the pumpkin of rear differential has a rattling sound. Does not sound good. But with the car on ground and driving normally, it does not make any sounds.

    The previous owner had rear redone (just 2,000 miles ago). I am guessing it wasn't done correctly. So, now I am pretty sure I need rear end.

    Anybody have a guy in Maryland I can trust to do this right. This SVO is completely stock and nearly restored. So, I think I want to keep original.

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    I would be looking at fitting a "Crown Vic Watts Link" instead of restoring the stock rear

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    Contact Paul Becker at

    He used to live there where you are. He knows his stuff about SVOs and is an admin here. Be sure to put SVOCA in the message line if you email him.

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    Sorry to hear of your issues, but it certainly sounds like something wasn't put back correctly. Sounds like something has gone south with your spider gears in the diff. Our cars use a pretty standard Ford 7.5" clutch-type diff, so nothing really unique, which is a good thing. Hopefully finding 7.5" components are too hard these days...been a long time since I have had to look.

    If you can't get an answer from Paul, check around with your local Ford/Mustang club and see if they can point you to a local shop. Anyone who can work with a clutch-type limited slip rear end can work on your car.
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